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01 Introduction

What is geology?
 Definition and branches of geology
 Theories: plate tectonics and organic evolution
  • Course overview
  • Definition and branches of Geology
  • Historical Geology and related disciplines
Introduction to Nat Sci 3 and the Earth System (pdf 928 kb) (access disabled)

02 Earth's place in the solar system

  • The Solar system
  • The Sun, Planets, Dwarf planets, Satellites, and Small solar system bodies
Solar System Overview (pdf 1.0 Mb) (access disabled)

03  The Four Spheres of Planet Earth

  • The Atmosphere
  • The Hydrosphere
  • The Geosphere
  • The Biosphere 

The Atmosphere (pdf 1.4 Mb) (access disabled)

The Hydrosphere (pdf 941 Kb) (access disabled)

The Geosphere - Minerals and Rocks (pdf 1.2 Mb) (access disabled)

The Geosphere - Plate tectonics (pdf 2.2 Mb) (access disabled)

The Biosphere (pdf 2.0 Mb) (access disabled)

04 Geologic dating

  • Early estimates of Earth's age
  • Relative dating
  • Absolute dating 
Estimates of Earth's age and Relative Dating (pdf 2.0 Mb)(access disabled) 
Absolute dating (pdf 714 Kb) (access disabled)

05 Geologic time

  • Fossils and fossilization
  • The geologic rock column
  • Correlation
  • The Geologic Time scale
  • The ICS International Stratigraphic Chart 
Rocks and Fossils (pdf 2.1 Mb) (access disabled)
Correlation and geologic time (pdf 1.1 Mb)  (access disabled)

06  Earth and life through geologic time

  • Origin of the solar system and Earth
  • The Hadean, Archean and Proterozoic
  • The Paleozoic
  • The Mesozoic
 The Hadean, Archean and Proterozoic eons (pdf 3.6 Mb) (access disabled)
 The Phanerozoic_Early Paleozoic (pdf 1.4 Mb) (access disabled)
 The Phanerozoic_Middle and Late Paleozoic (pdf 2.1 Mb) (access disabled)
 The Phanerozoic_Mesozoic (pdf 2.5 Mb)  (access disabled) 

07 Homo sapiens and the Environment

  • The Cenozoic
  • The rise of humans
  • Homo sapiens and Environment (Sixth extinction, Global climate change) 
 The Phanerozoic_Cenozoic (pdf 2.4 Mb) (access disabled) 

Partial list of recommended readings

  • A cool early Earth? (Scientific American, 2005)
  • Origin and Evolution of Earth (National Academy of Sciences, 2008)
  • What do we know about the origin of earth's oceans? (Scientific American, 1999)
  • In the beginning, there was Ur (Endeavors Magazine, 1997)
  • A new picture of early Earth
  • Life in extreme environments 

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