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Welcome to the website of Nat. Sci. 3 for the 2nd semester AY 2013-2014.


LE3 will be on Monday, March 10
LE4 will be on Saturday, March 22
Time and room assignment will be announced soon.  

Geology @ UPB

The Discipline of Geology offers two service courses to the UP Baguio student population, each providing different perspectives of the Earth as a dynamic system.

Geology 11
(Principles of Geology) is a physical geology course focusing on the study of earth materials, their characteristics and how they are acquired, modified and transformed through geological processes that occur on the surface and in the earth's interior. This course is for students pursuing degrees in geology, chemistry, physics, the life sciences (biology, zoology, marine science) and others closely related to the geosciences (mining and metallurgical engineering). It may also serve as an elective course to students pursuing degrees in mathematics, computer science, and other related programs.

Natural Science 3
(Earth and Life Through Time) is a historical geology course that deals with the development of the lithosphere, atmosphere, hydrosphere and biosphere, from 4.6 billion years ago to the present. This course focuses on the interactions through time between the four spheres of the planet Earth, particularly on their influence on past and present biological, physical and geological conditions. It is offered as part of the Revitalized General Education Program (RGEP).


Latest Satellite Image (c/o digital-typhoon.org)

News and Features

After the recent disasters connected to typhoons Pepeng and Ondoy, a clamor for discussions on climate change and adapatations measures resulted into UPB's co-hosting a series of lectures on this currently hot topic.

Last month, two events were held at the Bulwagang Juan Luna in order to provide information on climate change and possible ways to adapt or mitigate its effects. The College of Science Lecture Series Committee arranged a 2-day seminar for academics and students on "Climate change from different perspectives" from 19-20 November. During this event, the science of climate change was broken down by discipline to explain different phenomena such as global warming, the greenhouse effect, changes in biodiversity and what type of data we can use to study the records of past and present climate changes.

On 23 November, the Cordillera Studies Center-Climate Change Program, in cooperation with the National Institute of Geological Sciences, DOST, PAGASA, and PCIERD, hosted a forum on "Enhancing communities' capacity to confront extreme geo-meteorological events at the core of climate change," attended by members of the local government, non-government organizations, academics and students. During the open forum, discussions with the audience brought out local adaptations strategies being currently undertaken by baranggays against the effects of climate change. To download PDF versions of the talks given during this event, click on this link.